10 Healthy School Lunch Ideas For Kids

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Here’s how to spice up your kids’ lunch and make it healthy! If your kids aren’t excited about their lunch, they’re probably not going to eat it. LiveWell Colorado went on air with KWGN to share our tips.

* Get an insulated lunch bag to extend the freshness, hotness or coldness of foods.
* Serve homemade chicken noodle soup or other soups in a thermos, instead of a cold sandwich.
* Reach for whole grain bread with a higher nutritional value than white bread.
* Cut up fresh peppers and provide low-fat ranch dip.
* Pack assorted nuts. Nuts are inexpensive, easy to store and easy to grab-and-go. Plus, they have fiber, which helps kids feel full.
* Add veggies to the lunch with a small salad.
* Pack a lot of protein in your kids’ lunch. Beans and lean meats are options.
* Save the planet and save yourself some time with reusable water bottles. Pass on the sweetened beverages! Sweetened beverages add sugar and pounds which lead to childhood…


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